Catalog #BGG-1205

CO2 Gas Generators

$390.00 per Pack

Catalog #BGJ-0150

Mitsubishi AnaeroPack-Anaero

$98.77 per Pack

Catalog #BPC-0001

Petri Plate Canister

$44.27 per Ea.

Catalog #BPI-6306

Prompt Inoculation System

$298.50 per Pack

Catalog #CAE-0010

Candle with metal holder

$7.95 per Pack

Catalog #DHB-1160

H20 Blankfile

$45.60 per Ea.

Catalog #FCL-7731

Disposable Cell Lifters

$140.22 per Case

Catalog #MTS-0025

Total Count Sampler

$149.45 per Pack

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